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Chaq van Gerwen has travelled through many art styles, including traditional, surreal, and abstraction. With every medium he can lay his hands on, including painting, sculpture, photography and the digital art mediums, he masterfully extracts secrets from the silent materials and manoeuvres them into prominence.

Colour, movement and light inspire Chaq to create beautiful art. He paints from his heart, and with memories from the places he visits and the moments he shares with others. Chaq does not always "stick to the rules" of painting and desires to stir the viewer with emotion through the creation of original and vibrant works of art. Over the years his work has grown from a rich and diverse experience of life.

Chaq hopes that you enjoy the artwork displayed on this site as much as he has enjoyed creating it and that every-one will find at least one piece which stirs them.

Chaq would also like to thank all of his clients who have commissioned work from him and hopes that his work gives his clients joy and inspiration. "It is good to know that my work is hanging in homes and offices throughout the world. I am honoured that from my humble beginnings in art, some of my paintings have travelled overseas and are safely installed in homes as far away as the USA."



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